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Condition your car with our Ceramic Shield & Shine. 
Offering Car Washing and Shine Services for the Past 17 Years

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Car Washing Service in Mississippi

5 Minute Express Car Wash provides car washing services. We have been offering the fastest services for more than 17 years. We are currently serving in 5 locations and planning to expand our business.

Free Vacuum Stations

Our vacuum stations are free of cost with car wash purchase. They are high powered vacuums and air guns to keep your car clean and fresh.

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Clean Your Car With Complementary Air Gun

The complementary airdrop technique is effective and powerful. Utilize our service to clean all the dust, hair, crumbs, and miscellaneous debris from the corners of your car. Get your free service and keep your car squeaky clean.

Enjoy Our Fast Pass Unlimited Wash Plan

Our fast pass wash plan is everything that your car needs. It is quick and easy and makes your car shine like new. Give your vehicle a regular clean-up from now on with a low monthly fee of $19.99.

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Protect Your Car with Ceramic Shield & Shine

The ceramic shield & shine adds a lustrous shine and amazing hydrophobic effects on your cars. It also protects against the following damages:

5 Minute Express Car Wash

Harmful UV rays

5 Minute Express Car Wash

Bugs Contamination

5 Minute Express Car Wash


5 Minute Express Car Wash

Water Spots

5 Minute Express Car Wash

Bird Droppings

Use our car cleaning services to feel the difference personally.